The ambliFibre Consortium included 11 partners representing a balanced mix of research institutes (Fraunhofer), university (RWTH Aachen, University of Twente) and industrial partners, 1 of which were from industry and 7 were SMEs. These consortium members represent key elements of the supply chain from 6 EC countries (D, UK, NL, IT, ES, DK). All the industrial and in particular the SME partners held fundamental roles within the project work programme in order to develop technologies that can be readily implemented industrially and which bring benefits to the entire European industry and society.

The consortium included complementary knowledge and skills (special purpose machine building, novel laser system technology, process engineering, process & machine simulation, product engineering, environmental science, etc.) that cannot be found in a single EU state. The combined efforts of these partners ensured the realisation of the laid out objectives within ambliFibre.

Academic and Research Partners

The academic and research part of the ambliFibre consortium was composed of two research institutes being part of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest research organization for applied research and three academic institutes belonging to two different Universities. The ambliFibre project involved two departments of the RWTH Aachen University and the Production Technology research group being part of the Faculty of Engineering Technology of University of Twente located in the Netherlands.

Industrial Partners

Amongst SMEs developing automation solutions, thermal measurement devices and providing services for an environmental friendly and economically efficient development the industrial part of the ambliFibre partnership contained high-tech organisations active in areas including: Oil & gas industry, special purpose composite machine building, laser industry and Tier 1 supplier for heavy vehicle industry.