New Infrared Technologies Ltd.

New Infrared Technologies (NIT) is a privately owned manufacturer of infrared sensors and cores located in Madrid/Spain. NIT is a leading company in design and manufacturing uncooled high speed medium wave infrared (MWIR) cameras and sensors. All NIT devices, including focal plane arrays (FPAs), are manufactured using vapour phase deposited (VPD) lead selenide (PbSe) technology, which makes possible to offer high performance/cost ratio products. Today NIT is the only company in the world able to design and manufacture PbSe imaging FPAs monolithically integrated with their corresponding Si-CMOS read out IC. NIT manufactures a whole line of products based on self-designed, self-produced single element infrared detectors, linear arrays and imaging FPAs. The company delivers customized detectors and cameras to adapt their standard products to customers solutions, adding their requested functionality. NIT´s camera cores show a great performance, achieving over 10 KHz, the fastest detection rate of a MWIR detector working in uncooled operation of the market. NIT has uncooled MWIR cameras and sensors specifically adapted to industrial requirements. The performances offered by NIT´s devices, high speed of response, fast framerates, sensitivity to MWIR and affordability, fit most requirements demanded by relevant industrial applications such as real time/in line monitor and control of all type of laser based industrial processes (welding, additive manufacturing, tempering, dissimilar materials join etc.).


Rodrigo Linares
Vidrieros 30
Boadilla del Monte

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